Is There a Genetic Link to Being an Extremely Good Boy?

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Flash isn’t your average puppy. A yellow Labrador, named after one of the first British guide dogs from 1931, she is playful, affectionate, and loves learning new commands. Flash is enrolled in an elaborate program herself, one that takes two years and nearly $50,000 to train her to become a guide dog for the blind and visually impaired. Her temporary caregiver Melanie will make sure she maintains a healthy routine: twice-daily walks in different environments, a train ride here, a trip to a mall there to get used to other people. But Melanie has already accomplished one of her most important tasks: When Flash was five months old, she swabbed the puppy’s cheek and mailed the saliva away to a team of researchers that is trying to decipher the link between dog genetics, health, and behavior.

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