How to Not Drive at Thirty-Seven

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How to Not Drive at Thirty-Seven

  •  Summer 2000. This is the first care I failed to learn to drive. A 1984 Honda Civic.
  •  I did not enjoy the process. "Use the clutch!" "Stay on the road!" "Drive!"
  •  I experienced a number of very tiny fender-benders.
  •  But it's hard to do a lot of  damage if you don't step on the gas!
  •   I tired in earnest again in my 30s. Woman says, "Will you fill out this health form? It's for my driver's permit."
  • A doctor saying "No one has ever asked me to do that."
  •  But I was very pregnant. Husband says, "Turn and check behind you." Woman says, "I literally cannot."
  •  A deer jumped into the road that day. I successfully did not hit her. A driving win!
  •  It still scared me, though. The doctor says, "A second baby! Did you ever get your license?" Woman says, "No."
  •  I manage* mostly. *My husband drives.** **It's annoying for both of us.
  •  And I try to think through it. "What else do we ask people to do that can just KILL people?" "Not to mention the ENVIRONMENT."
  •  I hope I can drive before my kids do.Child holding the steering wheel. Text reads: I hope I can drive before my kids do.

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