18 Gifts for People Who Just Need a Good Night’s Sleep

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I've always had trouble sleeping. Between anxiety and insomnia, I take all the help I can get. And I'm not alone. The world came apart at the seams last year, and that has wrecked many people's nights. Chances are, someone you know is not getting enough sleep, and that can have a serious impact on their health.

I've tested dozens of sleep products over the past couple of years. The best of the best are listed here, and I can attest that each one of these has helped me sleep a little better at night. I hope they help you, or a loved one, too.

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Updated November 2021: We've added retailers throughout, included the Beats Studio3 Wireless and BIOS SkyView Lamp, and updated prices. 

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  • Photograph: Casper

    Twin Lamps

    Casper Glow Lamp

    When it comes to gentle, glowing bedside lamps, Casper’s Glow is on the high end of the price spectrum, but for $229 you do get two of the little guys. The compact lamp doesn’t feature much in the way of external controls—there’s just one button on top and another on the bottom. You mostly control it with touch gestures. Twist it to brighten or dim, and flip it over to turn it on or off. It sheds a warm sun-like light that gradually darkens when it’s time for bed. There’s also an app you can use to control the lamp. Tell it when you’d like to wake up and the Glow Lamp will brighten gradually to help you rise and shine.

    It's also a great night light. If you have to get up in the middle of the night, you can pick it up off its charging base, give it a wiggle to put it in night-light mode, and carry it around like a little lantern.

  • Photograph: BIOS

    Reset Your Circadian Rhythms

    BIOS Skyview Lamp

    The BIOS SkyView lamp uses satellite data and an array of internal LEDs to precisely mimic the day and night cycle in your location—the idea being to keep your sleep cycle more regulated. When I first started testing this lamp I was skeptical, but after a couple days with it in my living room, my partner and I found ourselves getting tired and going to bed much earlier than usual. 

    I can’t say it gave me better sleep, but it definitely had an effect on my sleep cycle. Plus, it’s a gorgeous piece of decor. The daylight colors flow down the lamp’s enormous bulb in hues of blue and white, and as the sun goes down shades of red, purple, and orange creep in to mimic a sunset. It’s gorgeous.

  • Photograph: Ember

    Bedside Tea Service

    Ember Mug 2

    Ember's smart Mug is a great choice for coffee in the morning, keeping your cup of motivation warm throughout your workday. But it's also a surprisingly capable sleep aid. Fill it up with a calming herbal tea (I'm a sucker for Sleepytime), and set it up at your bedside. You'll have warm sleepy tea waiting for you if you wake up in the middle of the night and can't get back to sleep.

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